Wired and wireless access and network security.

Services (11)

Report Campus Network Problem

Report network trouble with existing connections or devices.

Network Connections

This service provides the installation of communication cabling for campus voice, data, and video networks. This would include the installation of new cabling, locating existing installed cabling for construction purporse or the relocation of existing installed cable.

Wireless Internet Access

CSUMB's Wireless Networking Services

East Campus Cable Modem Service

CSUMB provides Broadband Internet Access via Cable Modems for all East Campus residents. IT Form is open to East Campus residents.

Residence Hall Device Registration

This service provides students with the ability to register their laptop, desktop, smart phones, game console, smart TV's and other audio/video devices.

Network Design & Construction Support

This service provides the design and planning of communication cabling for campus voice, data and video networks. Network Design & Construction Support can be provided for large and small scope projects. Network Design & Construction Support is typically utilized when an outside contractor will be facilitating the installation instead of Network Services providing installation.

Firewalls and Security

Campus Border and Datacenter Firewalls and Network Security

VPN - Remote Network Access

This service provides administrative Remote Access via virtual private networking (VPN) to select CSUMB Network Resources.

Campus Partner Network Services

Provides an internet connection and other network transport services across CSUMB's physical cable plant for Campus vendors and partners.

Remote Wireless Connectivity

This service extends network connectivity with license free point to point links where cabled up-links are not available or not practical. These can be temporary (i.e. special event, short term needs) or permanent (i.e. wireless is the only solution) and extend links both within and off of campus.

Cable Locating

Outside Plant Cable locating