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These software titles and services are available for free or at a discount for installation on your personal computer or a CSUMB computer without a software loadset. If you need software installed on a CSUMB computer with a software loadset, please submit a software install/update service request.

Adobe Creative Cloud (CC)

CSUMB provides enrolled students and active faculty and staff with Adobe Creative Cloud software for their home computers. The software may only be used for education-related activities and may not be used for commercial purposes.

To get Adobe Creative Cloud, go to and select the Sign In link, enter your email address and click Continue as seen below.

Sign in to Adobe

Then select Company or School Account option. 

Adobe Login Screen

You will need to activate your Adobe software after it's downloaded and installed. Please visit the Adobe Help Center if you have questions about installing or using Adobe products/services.

Use the Creative Cloud Cleaner Tool to solve installation problems when  you already had Adobe installed and are getting trial or software expiration/license error messages.

Adobe Creative Cloud file storage: If you leave CSUMB, you will lose access to your Adobe Creative Cloud account, Adobe software and Adobe file storage. You should download all files before you leave using their Asset Migration tool .

Microsoft Office 365 for Students and Faculty

CSUMB Students and faculty get Office 365 for free.            

More information on the program is available a  Once there you will need to:

1) Enter your email address and click the GET STARTED button as seen in the screenshot below.

Enter your email address

2) Select your role

Select your role

3) Create your Office 365 account

Create your Office 365 account

Microsoft Windows and Office work-at-home for Staff and Faculty

For a small fee, the following Microsoft titles are available through a work-at-home license (WAH) program for all CSUMB Staff and Faculty (list subject to change, not available to Students):             

  • Office 2019  (macOS and Windows)             
  • Windows 10 Upgrade

You can download the software from the Monterey Bay Academic Software Center.

For end user support with this service, please contact Kivuto by phone at 1 888 396 1447 or via email at

NVivo 20 Plus

NVivo 20 Plus is available for free to all active CSUMB students, staff, and faculty. The NVivo software can be downloaded after completion of the NVivo 20 Plus Home Use Agreement.

Support for NVivo software is available on the QSR International website.

Please note that NVivo 20 Plus includes NVivo 20 Pro.

Qualtrics Online Survey Software

Qualtrics Online Survey Software is available for free to all active CSUMB Students, Staff and Faculty. Training, eBooks and reference guides are available on the Qualtrics website. Help is available through Qualtrics "Help & Feedback".

SAS University Edition

SAS University Edition is free and includes the SAS products Base SAS®, SAS/STAT®, SAS/IML®, SAS/ACCESS® Interface to PC Files, and SAS® Studio. Teachers, students, adult learners, and academic researchers can access the SAS University Edition software for non-commercial learning purposes. For more information, visit SAS University Edition. This edition of SAS works locally on your machine by using virtualization software and there are some limitations.

Sophos Home Free (Virus Software)

Sophos Home Free anti-virus software for Windows 10 & Mac OS X.:

Microsoft has a free Safety Scanner that is designed to work with your anti-virus software. It can help remove viruses, spyware, and other malicious software.   

The software is provided “as is,” and you use the software at your own risk. Under no circumstances shall CSUMB be liable for direct, indirect, special, incidental, or consequential damages resulting from the use, misuse, or inability to use this software.

Tableau for Students and Faculty

Create charts and other visual representations and analysis of data using Tableau. 

Students can get a year of Tableau free by signing up with their university email address: Tableau for Students

Faculty can request a free year of Tableau for each year they implement it's use in their classroom: Tableau for Teaching

Zoom Online Meeting Software

Zoom professional accounts are available for all CSUMB students, faculty and staff . The software automatically installs the first time you use the service or you can download and install it manually. Get started at with your OtterID.      

Zoom resources:



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