Data Loss Prevention (Spirion)

Spirion is a self-service, data loss prevention (DLP) tool available to staff and faculty. After installation on your local laptop or office system, you can run the Spirion Data Loss Prevention software to scan your computer and help locate sensitive data, including documents containing sensitive data. Spirion also assists you to properly secure or dispose of the sensitive data, thereby, protecting sensitive information from theft and/or inappropriate use. Spirion provides several options for handling the sensitive data found including shredding or redacting the data no longer required for business needs. Sensitive data should not be retained any longer than required - for retention recommendations refer to the CSU system records retention and disposition schedules.

Getting help with Spirion issues (operational support)

Please follow these suggestions before entering a ticket for Installation usage issues:

How to get Spirion

Submit a software install service ticket to get the Spirion DLP software installed by an IT technician

General information and help using Spirion

If you are having issues with installing or understanding how best to utilize the Spirion software tool, check out the following resources before entering a service ticket.

If you are having problems configuring Spirion or running a scan and evaluating the results, submit this service ticket for additional support.

Submit IT Ticket

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