Adding a Print Code in MacOS Settings

Printers that are used by multiple people or departments often require a layer of security to prevent just anybody being able to send or retrieve printed documents. This guide aims to help in setting up a print code in MacOS Print Settings to meet this security goal.

Step 1: Open print window

Open blank document in either Word or Adobe Reader. 

In the top left click File and then click Print or click on the printer symbol.

Image of clicking on print icon

Step 2: Navigate to Output Method

Click on the Printer: box and select the printer you want to use. 

Click the drop down menu that currently has Layout in it. Click on Output Method.


Step 3: Set up print code

Click the check box next to Account Track.

image of default settings

Leave Department Name blank and enter in your code into the Password field. 

Select the box next to Save Settings then click OK. 

image of account track popup window

Step 4: Save settings as preset

Click the drop down next to Presets: and click Save Current Settings as Preset...

image of selecting save current settings as preset from drop down menu

You should be now able to print the document.

image of naming preset copier code​​​​​​​

In the Preset Name box type "Copier Code" or "Print Code" and then click OK.​​​​​​​

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