CSUMB user groups display in Gmail

Have you ever wanted to know if the person you're sending your email to is a student, staff, or faculty member? Gmail makes this easy to find when using your CSUMB account in your web browser or mobile app.

In a web browser

If using this functionality in a web browser log into your csumb.edu email account

Click Compose and add desired CSUMB recipient to the to: section of the message.

Hover over recipient's name with your mouse to bring up their hover profile information. Under their name you will see if they are in the faculty, staff, or student group.

Staff circled in hover preview of Staff Chip Lenno

Faculty circled in hover preview of faculty Steves Moore

Student circled in hover preview of student Cecelia Colchico.


On the Gmail mobile app

To see a group on a mobile device you must use the Gmail app. 

Compose your message and add a CSUMB recipient to the To: area of the message. Tap their name and a menu will appear:

Staff member Greg Pool circled in red to tap on.

Tap their name again at the top of the pop-up menu and you will see their preview listing their group:

Circle around Staff in preview of staffer Greg Pool

Red circle around faculty in preview of Faculty person Stephen Fadel

Circle around student in preview of profile for student Nrupaja Vartak


If this doesn't work in your Gmail app make sure you are using the most updated version. 

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