Beginning of Semester Service Priorities and Impactions

Technology Support Services works hard to prepare the campus for the new semester. 

The beginning of the semester is always our busiest times of the year. This can impact our ability to assist you in the timely manner you are use to and expect from us. 

  • For Fall semesters our busiest time usually starts mid-July and goes through mid-September.
  • For Spring semesters we are busiest throughout the month of January.

Learn about how this time of year affects our:

Workload Priorities

These are our service priorities in order during the beginning of the semester: 

  • Getting computer labs ready for students.
  • Making sure faculty are ready.
  • Helping those who are returning to work on campus.
  • Ensuring key service areas are ready for new and returning students.
  • Taking care of new and returning students when they arrive in on campus.
  • Regular service requests.

If you have a service ticket that is low on this list, you will likely experience service delays as our tech workforce pushes through our higher priority tickets. We regret any inconvenience this may cause and thank you for your understanding and patience.

If you are experiencing problems with your computer, can't print, or have a technical problem causing a critical work delay, we recommend locating a working computer within your department to use temporarily.

Service Point Impaction

Our main service points experience impaction during the beginning of the semester: 

  • Technology Help Desk Phones (831-582-4357) often have longer than normal hold times. 
  • Technology Help Desk walk-up desk often has longer than normal lines at the desk or may not be open when normally open.

Please be patient. We will get to your call as soon as possible.

If you are visiting the walk-up desk in the library please note that it is staffed by student assistants and sometimes we are still working to fill our desk schedule early in the semester- we post our schedule at Get In-Person Help: Technology Help Desk

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