Self-Service Software Installation for Windows

The Manage Engine Self Service Portal allows self-service installation of CSUMB's commonly used software titles to CSUMB-managed Windows computers . To access the Self Service Portal, go to Start Menu>Manage Engine Self Service Portal

Once the Manage Engine Self Service Portal launches, chick "Install" next to the software that you'd like to install (only install one title at a time).

Manage Engine Self Service

Once the software install is completed, you should see the appropriate icons on your desktop or in the Start Menu. Many software installs require a restart, so close all open applications and save your work before you use this service. 

Depending on the size of the software package you have selected and the speed of your network connection, it can up to up to an hour for larger packages to download and install.

Reminder: Saving all documents to the cloud instead of your computer can be a lifesaver, especially if you are having an issue with your CSUMB computer and the computer needs to be swapped out.


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