OASIS FLUID Navigation Overview

This article covers the basics of the FLUID navigation in the Otter Academic Student Information System (OASIS).

FLUID Navigation and Mobile Devices

FLUID navigation enables OASIS pages to scale seamlessly from large screen devices such as desktops to smaller screen devices such as smartphones and tablets.

This creates a consistent experience across devices, making it easier to access OASIS information from any device.

FLUID Navigation Features



New navigation shows student home page with a student center tile.

Homepage options

Letter in Image Name Action
A Navigation Tiles Shortcuts to commonly used pages (student, staff, and faculty dashboard tiles vary depending on access).
B Title Switch to a different homepage (if applicable).
C Home Go back to your default homepage.
D Actions View available actions for the current search such as Personalized Homepage, My Preferences, Help, and Sign Out.
E NavBar Access Recent Places, Favorites, and Navigator.
F Recently Visited Access pages that you have recently viewed.
G Favorites View pages that you have added as favorites.


NavBar Options

Letter in Image Name Action
A Recently Visited View pages that you have recently visited.
B Favorites View pages that you have added as favorites.
C Menu

View the full menu of pages.


View a Sub-Menu

1. Select Menu from the NavBar menu to view available folders.

Select Menu from Nav bar

2 . Select a folder to reveal it's sub-folders.

List of subfolders with Campus Community selected

3. Select a sub-folder to view the sub-menu pages.

Campus community sub-folder contents listed with Service Indicators highlighted

Service Indicators (Student) folder contents shown.

Return to root menu

1. From the sub-menu, select Menu form the breadcrumbs menu.

Menu selected from the breadcrumbs menu.


Add pages to Favorites

1. Navigate to the page you want to add to your favorites

2. Select the Actions button (three horizontal dots) on the right

The actions menu (three vertical dots) are selected to show drop-down menu that includes the options of: Add to Homepage, Add to NavBar, Add To Favorites, Sign Out.

3. Select Add To Favorites from menu.

Add To Favorites option is selected from the Actions drop-down menu.

4. In the Add To Favorites dialog box, confirm or change the Favorite Label then select Add (The ‘Favorite Label’ is what will display in your ‘Favorites’ list).

Add To Favorites dialog box with Favorite Label of Manage Service Indicators

5. Select OK in the confirmation dialog box.

Dialog Box Message: Added 'Manage Service Indicators' to Favorites

6. The page will now appear in the Favorites list.

Favorites list shows Manage Service Indicators page

Removing Favorites

1. Navigate to your Favorites list

2. Select Edit Favorites.

Edit Favorites is selected at ten top of NavBar: Favorites

3. Select the check box next to the pages you would like to remove from Favorites.

The check box is filled in next to Manage Service Indicators

4. Select Delete Selected button.

Delete Selected button is selected in the Edit Favorites menu.

5. Select Save to apply changes.

Save button is selected in the Edit favorites menu


Get More Help

To get assistance with technical issues in regards to OASIS, contact the Campus Service Center at 831-582-5100.

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