Data Interface (New & Modification Process Information)

Request Steps (Modifications to Existing Data Interfaces)

  1. Submit a ticket for modifications to an existing data interface, detailing data needs and usage as well as filling out of specification document.
  2. Data Stewards review with Data Owners to approve the request.
  3. Data Stewards work with Requester to complete data needs in specification document.
  4. Data Stewards work with Analyst/Programmer to complete technical analysis.
  5. Analyst/Programmer completes development.
  6. Testing, Sign-Off and Move to Production.

Request Steps for New Data Interfaces

  1. Submit a Project Request Form and attach the specification document during one of two Project Intake periods (fall or spring). 


The process for new interface development or retrofit to existing interfaces involves data owners and stewards as well as IT programmer/analysts.  This is customized development for data to and from third party applications and is based on user requirements to be gathered which follows these steps:

See description below.

Description of flowchart image: Each request to create or retrofit an integration is treated as a formal project request.  This flow chart outlines the typical life cycle of each project which involves: Request intake via TD Ticket, data owner approval, functional/technical analysis of specification documents, and specification approval.  Once approval is granted, the actual integration creation/update work begins which includes:  Development, data validation/testing, sign-off, and move to production.

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