How to Access TeamDynamix

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  1. Logging into TeamDynamix
  2. Access TeamDynamix Using a Mobile Device
  3. TeamDynamix "Identity Provider Error"
  4. TeamDynamix Vendor Maintenance Schedule

Logging into TeamDynamix

We recommend that you log into TeamDynamix before browsing the Knowledge Base or Service Catalog.

Logging in allows you to save and view your favorite services, and prevents you from having to log in later if you decide to submit a ticket or leave feedback. It also ensures that you can view all of the articles in the knowledge base.

Everyone with an active CSUMB account can sign into TeamDynamix.

  • Log into the CSUMB Dashboard with your CSUMB credentials.

    CSUMB Dashboard
       CSUMB login window  
  • Add the IT Tickets app to your CSUMB Dashboard.
  • Click the IT Tickets link to be directed to the IT Services Catalog page in TeamDynamix.

    CSUMB Dashboard expanded to see More Apps

Accessing TeamDynamix Using a Mobile Device

TeamDynamix (IT Services site) is accessible on most mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. However, some browsers may make it difficult for you to log into the system from your mobile device. If the login screen jumps around when you try to access TeamDynamix from your mobile device, then try accessing the site on a different browser on your device.

TeamDynamix "Identity Provider Error"

If you receive the "Identity Provider Error" while trying to access TeamDynamix (IT Services site), try the following solutions:

  1. Clear all cookies from your browser.
  2. Clear your browser cache and history. For help, view the Clearing Your Browser Cache article.
  3. Trying accessing the IT self service site in a browser other than Internet Explorer.
  4. If you are using Internet Explorer, ensure that Compatibility Mode is not enabled. To check this, click Tools from the menu bar and then click Compatibility View Settings.

TeamDynamix Vendor Maintenance Schedule

  • Weeknights from 11:00 p.m. to 1:00 a.m.
  • Every Saturday from 12:00 a.m. to 4:00 a.m.

During these times, the site may not function properly. If you encounter any problems when using the site during the vendor's scheduled maintenance times, please wait until the maintenance time has passed and try again.

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