Service Catalog

Categories (12)

Report a Problem

Having a technology problem? Use this category to report problems and issues with technology at CSUMB.

Accounts and Access

Manage accounts and access to CSUMB systems and services

Hardware and Software

Computer repair, desktop and lab software, printing and copying. IT Quotes and IT Contract approval.

Internet, Telephone, Servers & Video

Networking, WiFi, Wiring, Voicemail, Storage, Firewalls, TV, Broadcasting & Streaming

Instructional Technology

Support and services for teaching and learning with technology including classroom projectors and audio.

Business Applications

Technical Services for CMS HR (CMS-Employee Resources), CMS Student (OASIS), CFS, OnBase, etc. Includes reporting production issues and requesting modifications, analysis/consultation, setup/configuration and application system administration.

Data Services & Reporting

Report CSUMB and CFS Data Warehouse issues, requests for IAR: OAS, ad-hoc reports and Data Interface. (NOTE: The CSUMB Data Warehouse was formerly the Student Data Warehouse; OAS replaced Hyperion for business data reporting.)

Additional Services

Miscellaneous services and applications include service requests for ticketing system, new employees, website and Google applications .

IT Marketing & Communications

Requests for technology for evaluation and innovative teaching and learning; concentrated on new and emerging technologies and practices

Projects & Purchases

IT computer and software quotes, IT contract approvals, IT project requests and office moves.

Accessibility & User Experience (UX)

User Experience (UX) review and research, User Interface (UI) design, closed captioning.
Limited to SDAR and HR: assistive technology installation and training, and accessibility for instruction

Information Security

Services regarding information security and information technology compliance