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What is Windows computer management?

Windows computer management the process of managing and optimizing various aspects of a Windows computer system including hardware, software, and user accounts. It includes aspects such as Windows patches and updates, other software updates, a self service portal, and more.

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ManageEngine is the software package used by IT to manage and organize of our CSUMB-owned Windows computers, ensuring optimal functionality and productivity and security on the Internet.

Simply put, IT uses ManageEngine to:

  • Keep your software up-to-date.
  • Install critical Windows patches to keep your computer safe from malware and other system exploits.
  • Allow you to self-service install specific software applications without IT assistance.
  • Remotely assist our customers no matter where in the world they might be.

Where is ManageEngine on my computer?

You'll find ManageEngine Endpoint Central Agent in the area by the clock on the task bar on your Windows computer:

MangeEngine icon highlighted with hoverover text: ManageEngine Endpoint Central Agent

Using ManageEngine

To run a patch scan 

Running a patch scan manually allows for you to catch your machine up on any Windows updates you might be missing to keep your computer working well and secure. Do this anytime you've had the computer off for more than a week.

  • Make sure computer is on the network, either wired or CSUMB Wi-Fi should work.
  • Right click on the ManageEngine icon in your system tray and click on Scan and then Initiate Patch Scan.
  • Screenshot of Initiate Patch Scan selected from Scan sub-menu in ManageEngine Menu.


To self service install software

Need software? ManageEngine puts the installation of many commonly used programs in your hands. Just launch the Self Service Portal and click install.

Note: You may be prompted to restart your computer after performing a self service software installation.

  • Right click on the ManageEngine icon in the system tray and then on Self Service Portal.
  • Screenshot of Self Service Portal highlighted in the ManageEngine menu.
  • Select the item you want to self-install, and click the Install button on the right.
  • Screenshot of the Self Service Portal in ManageEngine.

Common ManageEngine Notifications

You may see occasional notifications that will show up near the task bar when an automatic scan is in progress:

Inventory Scanning is in Progress: ManageEngine is updating the system information to your IT Administrator

You might see pop-ups notifying you of patches and updates. Always allow the system to start the update process as soon as possible. These updates are important to keep your computer running at it's best and safely on the Internet. 

Popup Box reads: ManageEngine Endpoint Central. Patch Update Notification. Your administrator has configured a few patches/software/service packs to be installed on your computer.

Additional Help

If you need assistance with ManageEngine, please Report A Problem with Software or call the Technology Help Desk at 831-582-HELP (4357).

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