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Windows computer management is the patiching, updates, and self service of CSUMB-owned machines.
Current computer operating systems on campus and their status
Computer software in the School of Computer and Design Windows Labs for fall of 2024.
Software found in the College of Science Windows Labs in Fall of 2024
This is the standard windows software package available in all Windows labs for the fall of 2022.
How to fix the issue with Microsoft product activation
How to connect to the WiFi on a new CSUMB-issued Windows 10 laptop.
This software list is for Windows computers in the specialized classroom/lab spaces to support Fall 2022 College of Business courses.
Instructions for installing and configuring the CSUMB GlobalProtect VPN software for Windows.
Instructions for changing your password as well as your Windows 10 password when working remotely on a CSUMB- issued machine.
Use this information to check your computers basic hardware specs, such as processor, memory and processor.
How to reset a Dell library loaner computer without the last user's password.
Steps for adding a print code to a Konica Minolta printer on Windows 10 computers
These instructions are for the installation of Remote Desktop for Windows 10, needed to access the computer lab machines remotely (Step 4 of the Remote Lab Access instructions).