Software or Application Problem


This ticket is to report a problem with any software or application on CSUMB-issued computers. Please make sure you provide your computer’s CSUMB Asset number located on the silver and green ‘Property of CSUMB’ or ‘Property of CSUMB Corporation” sticker.

Note: This ticket is not for the installation of new software or apps. For new software installation, please use the Software Install or Update service.

Services Offered

Report a problem using a specific piece of software or an application including but not limited to Adobe, CMS, OASIS, Data Warehouse, GlobalProtect VPN, Microsoft Office, Salesforce, Slack, SPSS, TeamDynamix, and TerminalFour.

Reasons to Submit This Ticket

Submit this ticket if you need assistance fixing software or application problems, such as:

  • My GlobalProtect software won't launch.
  • There is missing data in the application.
  • The data interface doesn't display correctly.
  • There are duplicate IDs in the data.
  • SPSS says it is expired.
  • Terminalfour shows an error message.

Submit this ticket for assistance with the following applications:

  • Adobe Sign
  • Boomi
  • CMS
  • OAS
  • ODI
  • OnBase
  • Data Warehouse
  • DataBase Servers
  • Genetec
  • GlobalProtect VPN
  • Microsoft Office
  • Salesforce
  • Slack
  • SPSS
  • TeamDynamix
  • Terminalfour
  • Other software or applications

Additional Information

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