How to Set Up and Use Your YubiKey (Mac security key)

What is a YubiKey?

A YubiKey is a type of security key. Like all security keys it's a physical device that users must possess to access a system. Authentication data must flow between the user and the system to validate access (prove you are you), a security key is the conduit for making this happen.

In our case the YubiKeys are specified for use on CSUMB-issued mac computers. They must plug into the computer that you are attempting to access. 

Please note that CSUMB hardware does not support any of the biometric options (using fingerprint or face ID).

How do I get a YubiKey?

The IT Help Desk in the library will provide any CSUMB Faculty or Staff user with a security key. The YubiKeys are specific to those using CSUMB-issued Mac computers. To reserve a security key for pick up at the IT Desk in the library:

  1. Fill out the Request a Security Key Service ticket
  2. Once you have filed your service ticket, and we have verified that we have a key available for you, swing by the IT Help Desk in the library with your ticket number and we will issue you a key.

Setting up your YubiKey

Once you have picked up your security key at the technology help desk in the library follow these instructions to set it up:

Step one: Log into with your regular username and password.

Step two: Click on your name in the upper right corner and select Settings.

Name Amy M is clicked on in the upper right corner and Settings is selected from the pulldown menu.

Step three: Scroll down to the Extra Verification box within settings and click the Set up button next to YubiKey (Note: Depending how long you've been logged into Okta you may be required to re-authenticate with your current password and security factor).

Extra Verification section with an arrow pointing to the Set Up next to YubiKey

Step four: The Setup multifactor authentication box will come up. Click on Setup.

Set up multifactor authentication box with arrow pointing at Setup button

Step five: As instructed by the Setup YubiKey box, insert your YubiKey into the USB port and then tap it to generate a verification code. You will see it populate the box with dots. Click Verify.

Set up YubiKey box

Step six: Once you've verified the key you will be returned to the Okta settings box and in the lower right corner you should see a pop-up message stating "You have successfully enrolled YubiKey."

Pop-up box states "You have successfully enrolled YubiKey."

Your YubiKey is now ready to use.

Using my YubiKey

Log into any resource with your CSUMB username and password.

Okta Login box filled in with username otte1234 and a password

Select YubiKey if you have multiple authentication factors configured. To do this click on the upside down triangle in the multifactor authentication method box.

Arrow pointing to the selection menu triangle in the security factor box

Once you've selected YubiKey you will be prompted to insert your YubiKey and then tap on it.

Box states Insert your YubiKey and tap it to get verification code.

Once the verification code populates click Verify

You should then be logged into the resource. 

ProTip: You do not have to leave your YubiKey in after you've authenticated.

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