How to Set Up and Use Okta Verify

Everyone on campus is required to use a multifactor authentication method when logging into their account. Okta Verify is the most secure options when it comes to your multifactor authentication on your CSUMB Okta account. This article will go over:


What is Okta Verify?

Okta Verify is our preferred method of multifactor authentication on campus because it's the most secure method. It's a great option for our students, staff and faculty who travel abroad because you can use it on both Wi-Fi and data plans and doesn't require a phone number associated with it. Instead, Okta Verify utilizes an app on your mobile device to push a code to the system you are logging into. It's your "proof" that it is really you trying to log on to your account. These instructions will help you set-up and use Okta Verify.


To set up Okta Verify you will need: 

  • A mobile device (iPhone, Android, iPad, tablet)
  • A desktop or laptop computer to set up the security factor
  • Your AppleID and password (or Google Play store log in information)
  • Your OtterID and password.


Set up Okta Verify


How To Set Up Okta Verify in under 3 minutes (YouTube)



From your mobile device

Step 1: Download the Okta Verify app from either the iPhone App Store or the Android Google Play Store:

Okta Verify in the App Store


From a computer

Step 2: Login into on a computer. login box

Step 3: Click on your name in the upper right hand corner of your Okta Dashboard and select Settings:

Select settings from pull down menu

Step 4: On the Settings page, click on the Edit Profile button (please note that if you are freshly logged into Okta, you may not see the edit profile button. If you don't see edit profile skip ahead to step 6):

Click Edit Profile button

Step 5: Provide your password again for your account:

Okta login verification box

Step 6: Scroll down to the Extra Verification box within settings. Next to Okta Verify click the Set up button:

Select Set Up Okta Verify under Extra Verification

Step 7: Click Setup button at the bottom of the "Set up multifactor authentication" box:

Set Up Multifactor Authentication Method Okta Verify

Step 8: Select type of device you are using with Okta Verify:

Select device type: iPhone or Android

A QR code will then display on the desktop computer screen:

Setup Okta Verify: QR Code displayed (example only)

Leave up the QR Code on the screen of the desktop computer.


From your mobile phone

Step 9: Return to your mobile device. Locate the Okta Verify app from Step One. Tap the app.

Okta Verify App on phone

Step 10: Tap the Get Started button on the "Welcome to Okta Verify" screen.

Welcome to Okta Verify

Step 11: On the "Choose Account Type" screen, tap Organization.

Choose Account Type: Organization or Other

Step 13: Scan the QR Code on the desktop computer.

Step 14: Click on the Allow button beneath "Allow Push Notifications."

Allow Push Notifications?

Account Added in Okta

You have successfully set up Okta Verify!

Note: You will then see numbers on the screen in your Okta Verify app. This is normal. Disregard these numbers.

Okta token code

Use Okta Verify

Step 1: Log into your account as you normally would.

Step 2: If Okta Verify is the only verification method you have set up, skip to Step 3.

Click on the arrow next to the selected authentication type to get the pull down off all security factors you have configured. Select Okta Verify from the list.

Select arrow down for pull down menu of all configured security authentication factors

Step 3: At the Okta Verify screen click on the button Send Push.

Send Push

Step 4: Look for push notification on the device you have the Okta Verify app downloaded. Tap on the notification.

Push notification on configured device

Step 5: Verify that you are the one trying to log into your account by tapping Yes, It's Me button.

Did you just try to sign in?

Note: if you type the "No, It's Not Me" button you will get a message stating that you have chosen to reject the notificatin. If you do this three times the account will lock out.

You will know it was successful because at the bottom of the screen it will tell you at the very bottom it was successfully pushed.

Successfully responded to push

You will then automatically be authenticated into whatever resource you were trying to authenticate.

If you have any questions or difficulties setting up your Okta Verify submit an IT ticket.


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