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This service is used by Space Planning and Information Technology (IT) to coordinate campus office moves, including computers, telephones, printers and/or faxes

Space Planning serves as the project manager for moves and coordinates with IT, Facilities and the client. Space Planning attaches the approved "Move Schedule" to the ticket when it is submitted, so that everyone is informed. Office Move request dates are scheduled at least one week after tickets are submitted to ensure staff availability.

The Pathways Group in Network Services is the primary contact for Office Moves and coordinates with the Office Moves Group in Technology Support Services for hardware and software related tasks.


  • Provides for the relocation of existing campus related technology equipment and services from the current location to a new location, for one or more users.

  • Provides for any or all of the following services:

    • Telephone, including the physical phone (transfer phone and voice mail to new location)

    • Computer workstation (disconnect and reconnect)

    • Associated Printers (network multi-function printer or stand-alone)

    • Any other network connected device related to an end user's job function

    • Physical cabling infrastructure to support these systems

Features and Benefits:

  • Establishes or verifies voice, data, or video network connections to existing user face plates or outlets at the new location prior to move.

  • Re-establishes workstation connectivity to the network on user equipment.

  • Performs workstation reconfiguration (particularly for printing) as necessary.

  • Links Office Moves through Space Planning to facilitate coordination between Space Planning and IT in support of end user needs.

How do I get it:

  • Requesting parties or Departments must contact Space Planning (within the Facilities Management Department) by submitting a Facilities Service Request to initiate all office/cubicle/location moves, whether it is a full office move or simply moving a computer or telephone.

  • IT requires at least one week advanced notice to ensure staff availability.

Who can use it:

  • Space Planning submits this IT request after consulting with the person(s) impacted by the move.

  • Access to this IT request is limited to the Space Planning Staff only.

How much does it cost:

  • Smaller scale office moves seldom incur costs for IT support and relocation.  

  • Larger office moves, and moves that require and/or are due to physical office reconfigurations may potentially have costs associated with the reconfiguration of the infrastructure and will be determined on a case-by-case basis.  For example, costs may possibly include network ports and/ or power. IT will coordinate these types of needs directly with Space Planning.

Other Resources: 

  • Space Planning coordinates directly with Facilities Management to arrange picking up and transporting office supplies, furniture and other equipment.




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