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Services or Offerings?
Instructional materials accessibility services, training, and support. (Assistive Technology is now located under Additional Services.)

Report a problem logging into any CSUMB accounts or problems with account permissions, such as, but not limited to, Google, Dashboard, Oasis, and Canvas.

Report a problem with your cable television, missing channels, cable modem, and other issues related to cable television in East Campus.

Canvas course rollover/import and META course creation

Canvas Learning Management System LTI or plugin request

Report a technology problem in a classroom or lab space only.

General classroom training and event pre-flight support requests

Tickets for requesting live event and post-production captioning.

Process to order University Corporation, Grant and Self-Support computers (non-general fund departments or purchases with non-general funds).

Report a problem with any CSUMB computer that is not part of a classroom or lab space.

The Computer Replacement Program is for State funded staff and faculty, instructional space, shared computers and student assistants.

Training and support for CSUMB studio

New interface development or retrofit to existing interface. This is customized development for data to and from third party applications based on user requirements to be gathered.

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) entries in CSUMB's Network enablement systems.

Digital sign content and account creation