How to Install Zoom for MacOS Without Administrative Privileges

The following steps can used to install and update Zoom on any Mac without local administrative access permissions. Do not use your local administrative access to install zoom on a CSUMB asset because it will make future updates to the Zoom software more difficult and may require a service ticket. 


  1. Download the Zoom installer at the start of any meeting. Alternatively, you can install and test ahead of time at this address
  2. On the meeting start screen, click "download & run Zoom". 
    Zoom meeting start page
  3. You may need to find the Zoom.pkg installer if the installer doesn't automatically open. You should find it in your downloads folder. Do a search for Zoom.pkg if you have trouble finding it.
  4. Double-click Zoom.pkg installer.
  5. Continue clicking through the installer to the Installation Type screen. Click the Change Install Location button. 
    Zoom install: change location
  6. Select Install for me only and click Continue. Note: this is the most important step. You will not be able to update the software yourself if you choose any option other than Install for me only.
    Zoom install: For me only
  7. The installer text should read: "Click install to perform a standard installation of this software in your home folder. Only the current user of this computer will be able to use this software." 
    Zoom install: only current user
  8. Click Install. The admin password will not be required.
  9. Click Close when it is done installing.

Reminder: Saving all documents to the cloud instead of your computer can be a lifesaver, especially if you are having an issue with your CSUMB computer and the computer needs to be swapped out.

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