Logging into a CSUMB-Issued Windows Computer

Connecting to the Internet for the First Time on a CSUMB-issued Windows 10 Computer

  1. The first time you log into your CSUMB-issued laptop, you must connect to the CSUMB secure campus WiFi before you can log in remotely from other locations. Note: To ensure the security of computers, you cannot select an open Wi-Fi network at the login window.
  2. At the Windows log in screen, select the Wi-Fi globe icon (left-most icon shown in the image below) in the lower right of the screen:
    No WiFi Available
  3. You will then get a list of available networks, select CSUMB, Secured from the list: 
    Available Networks
  4. When prompted, enter your CSUMB Username (e.g. "ottr1234") and Password, then click the Connect button.

More Help

If you do not remember your password or are having trouble logging in please reset you password at https://csumb.okta.com and click on Need Help Logging In at the bottom of the logon box or call the Help Desk at 831-582-4357 (Available Monday-Friday 8:00 am - 5:00 pm excluding campus holidays). 

Reminder: Saving all documents to the cloud instead of your computer can be a lifesaver, especially if you are having an issue with your CSUMB computer and the computer needs to be swapped out.

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