What Happens When I'm Over My Google Workspace Quota

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What Are The Google Workspace Quotas

Your individual Google Workspace file storage quotas (i.e. My Drive) are dependant on your role at CSUMB:

  • Students - 25 GB
  • Employee - 75 GB

All shared drives have a quota of 25 GB.

What I Can and Can't Do When Over Quota

If you are over your individual Google Workspace quota, you will still be able to:

  • send and receive emails in your Google email account.

  • share docs you previously made available

You will not be able to:

  • edit existing google files (docs, sheets, slides, or forms) .

  • create any new google files (docs, sheets, slides, or forms).

  • upload files or photos to your Google Drive.

What It Looks Like To Be Over Quota

My Drive When Over Quota

When in your My Drive account you will notice that under the Trash it says Storage full. It also states how many GBs you are using of your quota and displays a red 'Manage storage' button.

Google Drive Navigation Bar

Creating A New Doc, Sheet, Slide Deck or Form When Over Quota

If your account is over quota when trying to create a new Google Doc, Sheet, Form, Slide you will receive a message stating "Storage is full. New documents cannot be created." 

Uploading A File When Over Quota

When uploading a file to your My Drive you will get a message stating that your storage is full.

Dialog box: Storage Full: To upload more files, you need more space in Drive. To see how you're using storage or to free up space, manage your storage in Google Drive.

Manage Storage When Over Quota

Manage storage

Storage: 30.61 GB of 25 GB used

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