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Infographic: Okta Verify Usage

Chart shows increase in Okta Verify usage since December 17, 2021

This semester we encouraged the campus to kick up their security by changing their verification method.

Above is a chart of the increased usage of Okta Verify this semester as a method to verify your identity when logging in to CSUMB. The campaign began with a number of tactics, including messages on the CSUMB Dashboard; that saturated by February. On March 28, we removed security questions as an option for students, and usage increased dramatically.

Recent project: User roles in Gmail

New email message shows that hovering over Steven Moore shows he is Faculty

Thanks to a team effort by Network Services and Technology Support Services you are now able to see the user roles in Gmail. This new functionality is available in both the browser and Gmail mobile app. Learn how it works in our Tech Tip Tuesday video on our YouTube Channel.

Get to know: Austin Fields

  1. What is your role in IT? My current role in IT is Lead Network Operations Analyst in Network Services. I assist the various groups around campus link their applications to Okta to use their OtterID username for single sign on, help users with email changes if their name changes, and support other sections of IT by providing back-end systems support for various services on campus.
  2. Where were you before CSUMB? I've been with CSUMB since I was a student assistant starting in 2010, when I graduated in 2014 I was fortunate enough to land a contract position in the Network Operations group as a Network Operations Analyst before becoming a full time employee in 2017 before becoming Lead in fall of 2021. Before CSUMB I was a support technician for a point-to-point internet provider.
  3. What revitalizes you after work? Typically after work to revitalize and unwind I will take my dog to the park to play for a bit before coming home and play some video games or watch a movie while enjoying a glass of bourbon.
  4. What bourbon goes best with which type of movie? Every bourbon is fairly unique and would definitely pair differently with different genres of movies depending on what you're in the mood for. A good bourbon that would go with any movie is Rabbit Hole Dareringer with its fruity notes while still maintaining the true bourbon flavors of caramel and oak leaving you with an easy to sip bourbon while enjoying an action, comedy, horror or romance film.

More personnel news:

  • Congrats: Tom Burns (Associate Director, Engagement Applications), Luz Espanola (Accessibility Specialist), Amy Marbach (User Services Communications Specialist)
  • Welcome: Laura Otero (Instructional Designer), Heather Rougeot (Instructional Designer), Annette Villarreal (Administrative Support Coordinator)

Learn more about the departments in the Division of Information Technology.

By the numbers: 4,215

4215: The number of password reset calls taken by the Technology Help Desk January 2019 through May 3, 2022

The Technology Help Desk has fielded 4,215 password reset calls out of 22,764 calls since Jan 2019 through May 3, 2022. There have been 318 calls this semester.

For more information about the help desk visit: Technology Help Desk

Tech tip: Schedule send emails

It's easy to schedule emails to send at specific dates and times using your CSUMB google email. Use it to schedule send reminder emails to your staff on a specific date or during a time when staff are in their office. You can even do it using Gmail’s mobile app! Watch our tech tip video for an overview on how to do this.

For more technology tips check out: Tech Tip Tuesdays

Cybersecurity: Smishing

Did you know that phishing scams using text messages are called smishing? These attempts use text messages to gain your attention and trust in order to get you to divulge personal information, send money, or click on nefarious links. Stay cybersmart by practicing safe texting: 

  1. Only respond to messages from people you know. 
  2. Don’t give out private information through texts - it’s not encrypted.
  3. Don’t click on random links received by text message.

More resources:

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