Five Tips for Wrapping up the Semester

Before you get ready to leave campus, here's five wrap-up tech tips for a successful transition away from campus for our CSUMB students, staff, and faculty.

  1. Students: Don’t forget to complete your course evaluations before you leave for the semester. Your feedback is crucial for both the instructors and their departments when it comes to the future of courses at CSUMB.  For more information watch Tech Tip Tuesday episode 33.

  2. For everyone leaving campus at the end of the semester: Make sure to forget the Wi-Fi network CSUMB on all your devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones before you leave for Winter break. We suggest you do this even if you are only leaving for a few days. This will prevent you from locking your accounts when you return to campus next year with a potentially old password!

  3. Everyone: It’s good email etiquette to leave a vacation response email when you are going to be away. Let people know when you will be away from your technology and when they can expect a response from you by going into the settings in your Google Account and scrolling down on the general tab. For more email etiquette tips watch Tech Tip Tuesday episode 20.

  4. For both students and employees: If this is your last semester at CSUMB make sure you save all important data from your CSUMB accounts. This includes Google Drive docs, Google sheets and slides, important emails and contacts, and anything you might need from your YouTube and Canvas accounts as well. Once you are no longer affiliated with Cal State Monterey Bay, you only have access for a short time, so grab your stuff now before you lose access. For more information on when you lose access to your accounts read our Student Accounts or Staff and Faculty Accounts knowledge base articles. 

  5. Graduating students or students leaving CSUMB: Unofficial transcripts are not an option after you’ve left CSUMB. Go into Oasis before you leave and print out a few unofficial transcripts for your records or better yet save it to your personal cloud service. Not every job or school will require official ones so saving these now will keep you from having to pay for official transcripts later. For more information about things to do before leaving CSUMB read the Student Checklist for Graduating or Leaving CSUMB knowledge base article.

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