Pre-Separation Checklist for Employees

Start working on this checklist as soon as you know you are leaving the university. Do not wait until your last work day to complete the list. These tasks can take some time and must completed by you before you leave the university. 

Before you leave


  • Return all IT equipment including laptops with the charger, monitors, hubs, and other accessories.
    • Submit an IT ticket and schedule an appointment to drop it off at IT Services (building 43). 
      • These tickets should be submitted in advance and scheduled for your last day.
    • Remote employees should contact their supervisor to make other arrangements.


  • Transfer ownership of business related Google docs to your manager. or move them to a Share Drive owned by your manager. Do NOT share the document. Shared Google Docs disappear when your account is deprovisioned.
    • You can still work on docs that you've transferred to your manager.
  • Transfer files stored in MyDocs (J: Drive) or Desktop to the M Drive or a Share Drive folder owned by your manager.


  • Set up an auto-reply email directing customers to your supervisor or other designated employee.
  • Export any contacts you want to keep to your personal email account.
  • Change your email address for any accounts you use your CSUMB email address for as the login or recovery email. This includes personal banking, social media, Netflix, Amazon, etc.


  • Forward calls to your manager or other designated employee.
  • Leave an outgoing message on your voice mail with instructions for who to contact after you’ve left.

Other work accounts

  • Transfer ownership of any other work accounts you manage on behalf of the university to your manager including calendars, social media, and other accounts.

Start working on this checklist as soon as you know you will be separating employment. Waiting until your last day of employment is not enough time to complete the checklist!

Additional Information

Contact the Technology Help Desk for more information at 831-582-4357

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