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This service ticket is for assistance with printing within campus departments; including assisting Monterey Bay Systems (MBS) with a new printer/copier installation. After consultation with the Cabinet, and in line with the campus' sustainability initiative, individual printers are no longer supported. 

What IT supports: 

  • Assisting MBS with a new printer/copier set up
  • Setting up new employees on a department printer

Note: IT does not service printers, for more information see the Department Printing knowledge base article.

Printing setup and support is unavailable for personal computers.

Reasons to Submit This Ticket

  • I’m getting a new multifunction printer/copier installed.
  • My new employee needs access to our printer.

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Service ID: 23971
Tue 10/31/17 4:49 PM
Sat 12/16/23 4:18 PM