Local Administrative Access


Allows CSUMB Staff and Faculty to have administrative access to their assigned computers for work purposes only. 

When a technician performs service to a computer with local administrative access there may be instances when all attempts to troubleshoot the problem may not be sufficient to resolve the service request. In those cases. the technician may be required to restore the computer to its original state (re-imaging). This will result in the loss of software, files and data. In these cases the technician will be unable to re-install any software added to the system by non-IT personnel.  Support is not available for software that is installed by non-IT personnel. This includes software installation, configuration, licensing, etc. 

This is the form for both requesting local administrative access as well as requesting a reset of an existing local administrative account.

How do I get it:

  1. You must read and agree to the Local Administrative Access Account Agreement
  2. Manager/Department Chair Approval is Required
  3. Submit an IT Service Request and provide us information on why you are requesting local administrative access.  Are you wanting to make system changes, add software, add a printer, connect to a network? Please provide as much detail as possible so we can properly review the request.

The Local Administrative Access IT Service Request cannot be submitted on your behalf.

Notes about Local Administrative Access:

  • If approved, Local Administrative Access will only be granted for the computer listed in the service request.
  • If you receive a new/replacement computer, you will need to request Local Administrative Access for it (it's per device).
  • When a computer is re-imaged, you can request that Local Administrative Access be added to the imaged machine, but we will need to verify that it was requested and approved in a service ticket before proceeding.
  • To use your Local Administrative account on a Windows machine, you need to enter " .\" before your Local Administrative account user name as shown below.
    Login local Windows
Submit IT Ticket

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Local administrative access allows staff and faculty to update and install certain software and drivers onto CSUMB assets.


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