Access for business applications, single sign-on (SSO), file sharing, campus affiliates (POI), east campus partners, CSUMB Data Warehouse, temporary event accounts, local administrative access

Services (8)

Access to Separated Employee Google Assets

Request access to separated employee’s Google assets.

Business Application Access

Tickets for requesting access to business applications.

Local Administrative Access

Request Administrative Access to your assigned computer.

Temporary Event Account

Request temporary accounts for events and conferences on campus.

File Sharing Access

Use this form to request a new Google Share Drive or J:Drive, access to an existing "M: Drive (CSUMBINFO). Also use this form if you are having issues with file sharing or want to start a conversation with us regarding other options for file storage.

Campus Affiliates (POI) Access

Campus accounts are established based on the specific function of the Campus Affiliate (POI) including temporary employees, guests and volunteers.

Campus Data Warehouse Elevated Access

Request 1 of 5 ELEVATED access roles for the Campus Data Warehouse (formerly the CSUMB Data Warehouse).

SSO Setup & Troubleshooting

New Single Sign On (SSO) Setup and Troubleshooting