Computer Replacement Program

Program Purpose & Status

For the University to remain current in its ability to deliver instruction and conduct daily operations, certain technologies must be updated regularly through a centrally managed replacement program:

  • The 2023/2024 computer replacement program was not funded and is on hold. 
  • If you submitted a hardware problem request and a technician has determined your primary computer is no longer working and can't be fixed, a limited number of emergency replacement computers are available.
  • The University has a laptop-first strategy for all employees. When a University-issued computer is issued or needs to be upgraded or replaced, it will be replaced with a laptop. 
    • Exceptions to the laptop-only rule will be handled on a case-by-case basis.
  • We have updated and upgraded the Computer Configurations for Faculty and Staff with laptop models.
  • Laptops will need to be picked up at Building 43 by the employee or the department coordinator.
    • Office delivery of desktop computer and accessories is available but pickup is the recommended and quickest method to get a new or replacement laptop.
  • If you have questions about the program, please contact your department program coordinator or email

Program Goals & Scope

The computer replacement program relies on annual funding to function. The following outlines the goals & scope for this program:

  • Instructional Space - the goal of replacing classroom computers every five years.
  • General fund (State) full-time staff/faculty positions - the goal of replacement every six years for one standard computer per full-time State-funded staff or faculty position.
  • Shared computers (used by part-time staff/faculty), student assistants, and service points - the goal of replacing every six years.
  • Accessories including a single laptop USB-C hub/dock, external monitor and keyboard/mouse for each user. 

University Corporation, Manpower, volunteer, self-supported, and grant-funded positions and equipment are not eligible under this program. These departments can buy new and replacement machines using the University Corporation, Grant, and Self-Support Computer Orders process.

Program Eligibility

We look at several things to determine if a computer is eligible for replacement:

  • Eligibility is primarily determined by the age of the computer.
  • Department coordinators can find the exact age of a computer by checking the UCorp and Stateside master inventory folder.
  • A machine may also be eligible for replacement if it's not functioning well, is not usable, and is not fixable.
    • If a machine requires substantial repairs to keep it operational, can't run required software or is not compatible with a modern and secure operating system.
    • If your machine is not functioning well, please submit a hardware problem or software problem service ticket to have it reviewed.

Computer Replacement Program Coordinator

An essential part of the CSUMB computer replacement program is the department program coordinator. The coordinator responsibilities for the replacement program are:

  1. Coordinate the collection and review of annual department computer inventory.
  2. Coordinate and review individual client computing requirements.
  3. Coordinate the deployment of replacement computers.
  4. Distribute program information to all clients in their department/school/etc.
  5. Work with their department head, chair, manager, or director to resolve department priorities.

All department computer inventory documents must be created and shared in Google Docs. Department inventory requirements:

  1. Open the Department Computer Inventory Google Shared Drive (this is only available to program coordinators)
  2. Make a copy of the "Department Computer Inventory Template" Google Sheet (File Menu>Make a Copy)
  3. Rename the sheet to the department name (abbreviations are OK) and date last updated in the title
  4. Please email when you are done with your inventory.

Eligibility Review

We work annually with each department coordinator to review the program, department inventory, timelines and to answer questions about the program.

Department coordinators will be notified via email regarding the computers that have been identified as eligible for replacement. The email will include a link to an on-line computer request form. Each employee (or the department coordinator for shared computers) must complete and submit the form.

Receipt of the form will create the IT Service ticket that is used to schedule the appointment with each person. Computer location, employee, hardware, software, and printer locations must be all identified in the form. (Please note that an additional ticket is not needed for computer imaging because it is part of the replacement process.)

In most cases, the installation date will be arranged with the department coordinator to ensure that all department computers are replaced at the same time. The Help Desk will schedule specific times with each employee directly after the date is confirmed.


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