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IT provides assistance with all manner of network connectivity across the CSUMB main campus as well as the North Salinas and City Center campuses.

Reasons to Submit this Ticket

  • Network Connections: Provides network connection services including:

    • Underground locating to locate and mark underground Telecommunications infrastructure.

    • Cable testing of all communications cable media types to campus and industry standards.

    • Installation of communication cabling for campus voice, data, and video networks.

  • Campus Wired Network: Confirms the proper functionality of any wired network device, endpoint or workstation.

  • Remote Wireless Connectivity: Extends network connectivity with license free point-to-point links where cabled uplinks are not available or not practical. These can be temporary (i.e., special event, short term needs) or permanent (i.e., wireless is the only solution) and extend links both within and off of campus.

  • Residence Hall Device Registration: Allows students to register devices on the CSUMB network in the Residence Halls. Students can access both wired and wireless networks after registering their devices. Registration is valid for one year.

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