Cybersecurity Awareness

At Cal State Monterey Bay, we believe in being cybersecure all year long. We teach our students, staff and faculty that every Otter has a role to play when it comes to being cyber smart and cyber safe because we are stronger together! We can keep a collective eye on possible scams and attacks and keep every Otter's data secure.

It's a year round battle and it doesn't stop at school or the office; these are skills to make you cyber safe at home, too!

Increasing Your Cybersecurity Awareness

At Cal State Monterey Bay here are some of the ways we work to make our employees and students aware of cybersecurity and what cyberthreats are and how they can take proactive steps in protecting themselves and others against them.

Celebrating Cybersecurity Awareness Month in October and April

In accordance with the national cybersecurity awareness month campaign we celebrate with our CSUMB Otters by providing a series of events relating to cybersecurity including hosting panel discussions, special tabling events during Otter Thursdays, and more. Keep your eyes on our Instagram account during the month of October where you will get more cybersecurity best practices and events we are holding. We also hold a mini cybersecurity event in the Spring, usually towards the end of April. 

Tabling Events

We test your knowledge on Otter Thursdays in April and October. But we also bring cybersecurity awareness to almost every tabling event we do. We want to keep you talking and learning about ways to stay safe in cyberspace whether we're at Admitted Otters Day, Open House, or Gradfest. Keep an eye on our Instagram to find out when we'll be out and about with our Spin-to-Win wheel! You never know what kind of goodies we'll be giving away.


Additional Information

We have a wide variety of self-help articles (called knowledge base articles, or KBs for short) on various cybersecurity topics including:

Check the Information Security section of our Knowledge Base in TeamDynamix for a full list.

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