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Pinned Article Cybersecurity Awareness

Every Otter needs to be cybersafe! Learn about cybersecurity awareness at Cal State Monterey Bay.

Pinned Article Policies that govern Information Technology

Learn about the laws and policies that govern our information technology resources.

Pinned Article Verifying your identity with IT

Learn what Help Desk agents will and will not ask you for verification when working with you on account issues.

Cybersecurity Checkup

Best Practices for maintaining security and privacy for you and your family

Smishing (Text Message Scam)

The Dangers of Smishing Attacks

Staying Secure on Your Smartphone or Tablet

Maintaining your security and identity on your smartphone or tablet

Think you have a virus? What to do next.

How to tell if you have a computer virus and what to do if you think you have one.

Use Better Multi-Factor Authentication

Use multifactor on social media and other non-csumb accounts.