Computer Orders

University Corporation, grant-funded and self-support departments can buy new computers, replace older computers, or acquire specialty machines with department/grant funds. 

CSUMB has shifted to a laptop-first strategy for all employees. When a University-issued computer is purchased, issued or needs to be upgraded or replaced, it should be replaced with a laptop. Exceptions to this are handled on a case-by-case basis.

Important Considerations

  • This Service is not to be used for State funded computers. Departments cannot use their State funds to purchase computers.  New and replacement computers are supplied to State-side employees only through the Computer Replacement Program.
  • The IT Department does not provide support for hardware that is purchased outside this process.

How to Purchase a Computer With Non-State Funds

Step 1: Get a quote

Obtain an approved quote for standard desktop or laptop machine. 

These configurations are consistent with CSU hardware recommendations and the CSUMB standard operating environment. The IT Department does not provide support for hardware that is purchased outside this process.

Step 2: Create a purchase requisition

Based on the quote, create a purchase requisition. Be sure to include the CA recycling fee in the purchase requisition.

Step 3: Fill out computer request form

A completed  Computer Request Form is required for all new or replacement hardware orders and must be completed before your purchase requisition is approved. A separate ticket is needed for each computer being ordered.

Incomplete or inaccurate requests will delay your order.

Step 4: Have purchase requisition (PR) reviewed and signed by IT

Once you have completed the purchase requisition (PR) and filled out the computer request form, IT needs to review and sign the requisition before it goes to Purchasing. IT will:

  • Check the purchase requisition for accuracy
  • Confirm that the make/model can be supported and is from an approved reseller
  • Confirm there is a computer request form associated with each order. IT

Completed purchase requisition should be sent via Adobe Sign to Henry Simpson, Director of Technology Support Services.

Step 5: Submit signed PR to Purchasing

It is the department's responsibility to submit a signed purchase requisition (PR) to the Procurement office. The Procurement Office will submit the purchase order (PO) to the Vendor for fulfillment.


The IT Department does not provide support for hardware that is purchased outside this process.


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