Campus Data Warehouse Elevated Access


The Campus Data Warehouse, formerly the CSUMB Data Warehouse, is the official repository for the Cal State Monterey Bay’s student life cycle data from admissions to graduation. All employees receive limited access to overview dashboards. Faculty also receive access to the Faculty Student Success Dashboard (FSSD). Both census and daily data is available from 2008 to present.

Reasons to Submit This Ticket

  • Use this request to obtain elevated access to a broad set of dashboards for either the Campus Data Warehouse or Graduate 365
    • Request new limited elevated access based on business needs.
    • Access is contingent on completion of Data Security and FERPA training in SumTotal. This training certification must be renewed annually.
  • Exceptions:
    • Do not submit this request for problems with existing access to the Campus Data Warehouse.
    • Do not submit this request for standard user access.
    • Do not submit this request for access to the Finance Data Warehouse (FDW). FDW access is available via the CMS Finance (CFS) webpage.

Note: This service request can be used for an individual or a group of individuals with the same access role  

  • For a group, before beginning the submission process, the requester should complete a copy of the Google spreadsheet: DW Elevated Access - Group Request Template
    • There should be a separate line entry for each individual in the request group. As mentioned above, each individual in the request group must have completed the Data Security and FERPA training in SumTotal within the last 12-months.
    • This service ticket form will provide an area to enter the URL link of the completed DW Elevated Access - Group Request Template.
    • Google Share the completed copy with "Anyone that has the link".

Additional Resources

For additional help visit CSUMB Data Warehouse Help Guides (self-guided)

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