Report a Problem

Having a technology problem? Use this category to report problems and issues with technology at CSUMB.

Services (9)

Account Access Problem

Report a problem logging into any CSUMB accounts or problems with account permissions, such as, but not limited to, Google, Dashboard, Oasis, and Canvas.

Cable Service Problem

Report a problem with your cable television, missing channels, cable modem, and other issues related to cable television in East Campus.

Classroom or Lab Problem

Report a technology problem in a classroom or lab space only.

Digital Accessibility Problem

Submit suggestions, comments, or complaints concerning any digital accessibility issues to this ticket.

Internet Problem

Report an issue with your CSUMB internet for both wired and wireless connections on main campus, North Salinas, City Center and Ryan Ranch campuses.

Laptop/Desktop Computer Hardware Problem

Report a problem with any CSUMB computer that is not part of a classroom or lab space.

Laptop/Desktop Software or Application Problem

Report a problem with any software or application on CSUMB-issued laptop or desktop computers.

Information Security Incident

Staff and faculty can use this form to report an information security incident including data security breaches and other data security issues.

Telephone Problem

Report an issue with your campus telephone for staff and faculty offices as well as common spaces, blue emergency phones and other telephonic devices.