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IT has some tips and information you'll need to know or do to make sure your technology experience runs smoothly when working remotely. We have shifted to a laptop-first strategy for all employees. When a University-issued computer is purchased, issued or needs to be upgraded or replaced, it will be replaced with a laptop. 

Laptop computers

  • Your CSUMB- issued laptop will serve as your primary/only computer. Should you move into a different work modality (ie Hybrid or On-campus) you will need to bring your laptop with you.
  • If you should have trouble with your laptop remotely please submit an IT ticket and an IT technician will contact you to set-up a remote session to troubleshoot the issue.
  • There might be times when you may have to bring or ship your computer to campus because of an issue we can not fix remotely. Please make sure that you always save your work to your Google Drive account, so that if this should happen you will still have access to your documents from any machine with an internet connection.
  • There is software called Drive that you can install so that this is done for your automatically. Submit an software install ticket to have Drive installed.
  • In addition to a laptop, IT can also provide you with a display, keyboard/mouse, and/or USB-C hub/dock for use with your laptop. If you were not issued an external display, keyboard/mouse, and/or USB-C hub/dock (HDMI out, two USB 3 Ports & Ethernet) with your laptop but need any of those items now, please submit a request.
  • If you have a laptop running Windows 7, please submit a ticket to have it re-imaged to Windows 10. Windows 7 is not supported and is a major security risk.

Campus phone numbers and accessing voicemail

  • If you need access to your campus phone number from a remote location you can:
  • If you are having issues with your headset:
    • If a wireless headset is not working, make sure the base charging unit is plugged into power. Ensure the connections between the base and the phone are fully plugged in.
    • If your wired/corded headset is not working, ensure the connections between the headset and the phone are fully plugged in. Make sure the button on your phone that looks like a headset lights up when pressed.  
    • If your headset is still not working, please submit an IT Telephone service request
  • If you are locked out of your voicemail, or don’t remember your voicemail password, please submit an IT Voicemail service request

General computer or office issues

  • Saving to the Google Cloud is the easiest way to have documents available to you no matter where you work. Consider setting up a Google Share Drive for your department or work group to share documents within teams (Use Google My Drive & Share Drives)
  • For more information about working remotely please visit the Human Resources Working Remotely page.

As always we are here to help with your IT difficulties, questions, or concerns. Please submit an ticket or call the help desk at 831-582-4357. Please see We Are Here To Help for hours and ways to contact us.

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