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IT has some tips and information you'll need to know or do to make sure your technology experience runs smoothly when working on-campus. We have shifted to a laptop-first strategy for all employees. When a University-issued computer is purchased, issued or needs to be upgraded or replaced, it will be replaced with a laptop. 

Laptop computers

  • If you were issued a new laptop and have a desktop computer in your office, please save any data (see: Use My Drive and Share Drives) you had stored on your office computer and submit a service request  for us to pick it up. Your new laptop will serve as your primary/only computer. 
  • If you were issued a display, keyboard/mouse, and/or USB-C hub/dock with your laptop and are now working full time on-site, you should bring those items to your office to use with your laptop.
  • If you were not issued an external display, keyboard/mouse, and/or USB-C hub/dock (HDMI out, two USB 3 Ports & Ethernet) with your laptop but need any of those items now, please submit a request.
  • If you need to have your laptop setup to print to your department printer or copier, submit a service ticket.
  • If you were issued a new laptop, you will need to connect to the "CSUMB" WiFi network. If you are having trouble connecting to the CSUMB wifi, please forget your network and try connecting again (see WiFi service page for information and ticket form).
  • If you have an older laptop running Windows 7, please submit a ticket to have it re-imaged to Windows 10. Windows 7 is not supported and is a major security risk.

Smartphones and tablets

  • Issues logging in on campus are almost always due to an issue with the WiFi on your phone and/or tablet having an old password. If you get a message stating you are locked out you can wait 15 minutes for the account to auto-unlock or call the help desk at 831-582-4357. We will unlock your account and assist you in forgetting the network on your WiFi enabled device
  • If your iPhone or iPad or tablet is having problems connecting to the "CSUMB" WiFi network, "forget" the "CSUMB" network and connect again (How to forget a WiFi network).
  • If your android device is having problems connecting to the "CSUMB" Wifi network, "forget" the CSUMB network and connect again. (How to forget a WiFi network: Android)

Desk phones, voicemail and headsets

  • If your desk phone has a blank screen, press the button with the phone icon. Your phone should light up and your extension number will appear in the display. If it still is not working (no dial tone, no display, prompting for reset, or password, etc), please submit an IT Telephone service request.
  • If your phone briefly rings once but goes straight to voicemail, it is likely that Send All Calls is enabled.  There are a few ways to disable Send All Calls:
    • Pressing the Send All Calls button on your phone.  You may also see a Send All Calls button on your phone’s display.
    • Dialing #3 from your campus extension will disable Send All Calls.  After you dial #3 you should hear a confirmation tone.  (Dialing *3 from your campus extension enables Send All Calls)
  • If your phone is set for call forwarding, there are two ways to disable call forwarding:
    • Pressing the Call Forwarding button on your phone
    • Dialing #2 from your campus extension will disable call forwarding.  After you dial #2 you should hear a confirmation tone. (Dialing *2, then entering a phone number, will enable call forwarding)
  • If you are locked out of your voicemail, or don’t remember your voicemail password, please submit an IT Voicemail service request
  • If you are having issues with your headset:
    • If a wireless headset is not working, make sure the base charging unit is plugged into power. Ensure the connections between the base and the phone are fully plugged in.
    • If your wired/corded headset is not working, ensure the connections between the headset and the phone are fully plugged in. Make sure the button on your phone that looks like a headset lights up when pressed.  
    • If your headset is still not working, please submit an IT Telephone service request

General computer or office issues

  • Saving to the Google Cloud is the easiest way to have documents available to you no matter where you work. Consider setting up a Google Share Drive for your department to share documents within teams (Use Google My Drive & Share Drives)
  • If you are returning to a different work location on a permanent basis and need your computer and phone service moved, please contact Stacey Hadland, the Space & Move Coordinator.
  • Key and card access, electrical, maintenance, heating/cooling and other facility and infrastructure services are supported by Facilities Management.

As always we are here to help with your IT difficulties, questions, or concerns. Please submit an ticket or call the help desk at 831-582-4357. Please see We Are Here To Help for hours and ways to contact us.

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