VPN Access & Troubleshooting

CSUMB provides university staff and faculty with Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to CSUMB network resources from off-campus, including East Campus Housing, Salinas City Center, North Salinas, and Ryan Ranch.

A VPN connection allows the user to send and receive data remotely across public networks as if they were physically connected to the CSUMB network. This service also provides additional security protection for your device when you are not on the CSUMB network.

How to access the CSUMB network remotely through GlobalProtect VPN service

Install the GlobalProtect Client

  • For CSUMB owned/managed computers, you can use our self-service software installation services for Windows or macOS to install GlobalProtect Client VPN software. If you have problems doing it yourself, you can submit a software install service ticket to get the GlobalProtect Client VPN software installed or updated.
  • For personal computers, download and install the GlobalProtect Client.
  • The client must be configured before it can be used.

For platform-specific assistance installing and configuring the GlobalProtect Client please see:

Configure the GlobalProtect Client

  • Launch the “GlobalProtect” application.
  • Enter the following portal address: "vpn.csumb.edu"

Connect/use the GlobalProtect Client

  • Select the Connect option from the “GlobalProtect” application.
  • You will see a pop-up with the CSUMB Okta login page 
  • Use your otterid and password to sign in.
  • Stuck at Connecting Stage on macOS? Here is the fix.
  • Stuck at Connecting Stage on Windows? Here is the fix.

Disconnect from the GlobalProtect Client

Once you are done with your VPN session and wish to disconnect. Select the GlobalProtect application on the lower right hand side of the tray (Windows) or top menu (Mac) and then select disconnect.

Accessing MyDocs and CSUMBINFO

Connect to campus network drives from off-campus:

NOTE: For vendors or other entities: Before submitting a ticket, please follow the instructions in the Vendor and Specialized VPN Profile Connections article.

Submit IT Ticket

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