Popular Services

Report a problem with any software or application on CSUMB-issued computers.

Delegated (generic), student club, greek and email account delegation and aliases.

Request the installation/update of specific software or re-image existing computer. Note: All data will be lost when a machine is re-imaged. Please backup your data before submitting a re-image request.

Tickets for requesting access to business applications.

Report a problem logging into any CSUMB accounts or problems with account permissions, such as, but not limited to, Google, Dashboard, Oasis, and Canvas.

Providing operational support for setup, configuration, and administration of enterprise and engagement applications.

Request Administrative Access to your assigned computer.

Use this form to request a new Google Share Drive or J:Drive, access to an existing "M: Drive (CSUMBINFO). Also use this form if you are having issues with file sharing or want to start a conversation with us regarding other options for file storage.


Submit this ticket for all network connection requests (including wired and wireless) and for residence hall device registration.

Requests for new telephone (telephonic) requests.

Report an issue with your campus telephone for staff and faculty offices as well as common spaces, blue emergency phones and other telephonic devices.

Report an issue with your CSUMB internet for both wired and wireless connections on main campus, North Salinas, City Center and Ryan Ranch campuses.

Computer that needs to be picked up or dropped off and recycled.

The Computer Replacement Program is for state-funded staff and faculty, instructional space, shared computers and student assistants.

Submit this service ticket for drop-off, pick-up, or installation of computer accessories.

Computer Orders for University Corporation, Grant and Self-Support computers (non-general fund departments or purchases with non-general funds).

New Single Sign On (SSO) Setup and Troubleshooting

Report a problem with any CSUMB computer that is not part of a classroom or lab space.

Request new OAS reports or changes to existingOAS reports or data flows.

Requests for minor changes or modifications to an existing server business application.

Campus accounts are established based on the specific function of the Campus Affiliate (POI) including temporary employees, guests and volunteers.

Submit requests for technical review of existing and new applications or services.

Campus Departments submit this form for IT approval of all contracts or service agreements that involve Information Technology resources. The Procurement Office requires IT approval prior to finalizing any IT related service agreement or contract.

Email, Calendar and Docs (Google Workspace) Accounts & Services for Students, Faculty, and Staff.