Software & Applications

Note: CSUMB-issued computer software problems, please use the 'Laptop/Desktop Software or Application Problem' shortcut below.

Services (8)

Computer Software/Application Problem

Report a problem with any software or application on CSUMB-issued computers.

Computer Software Install or Update

Request the installation/update of specific software or re-image existing computer. Note: All data will be lost when a machine is re-imaged. Please backup your data before submitting a re-image request.

Application Change Request (Server Hosted)

Requests for minor changes or modifications to an existing server business application.

Application Consultation (Server Hosted)

Submit requests for technical review of existing and new applications or services.

Application Support (Server Hosted)

Providing operational support for setup, configuration, and administration of enterprise and engagement applications.

Business Reporting (OAS)

Request new OAS reports or changes to existingOAS reports or data flows.

Campus Data Warehouse

Request development changes for Campus Data Warehouse

Lab Software Review

Requests for lab software installation in specific labs (typically, prior to the beginning of a semester: Fall/Spring).