My Recently Visited Services

Report an issue with your CSUMB internet for both wired and wireless connections on main campus, North Salinas, City Center and Ryan Ranch campuses.

Report a problem logging into any CSUMB accounts or problems with account permissions, such as, but not limited to, Google, Dashboard, Oasis, and Canvas.

FOR USE BY SPACE PLANNING STAFF ONLY for all office moves, including moving of computers, telephones, printers and/or faxes.

Submit this service ticket for drop-off, pick-up, or installation of computer accessories.

Report a problem with your cable television, missing channels, cable modem, and other issues related to cable television in East Campus.

Report a problem with any software or application on CSUMB-issued computers.

Providing operational support for setup, configuration, and administration of enterprise and engagement applications.

Report an issue with your campus telephone for staff and faculty offices as well as common spaces, blue emergency phones and other telephonic devices.

Tickets for requesting access to business applications.

Submit suggestions, comments, or complaints concerning any digital accessibility issues to this ticket.

Request temporary accounts for events and conferences on campus.

Request quotes for non-standard computers or specialized software.

Computer Orders for University Corporation, Grant and Self-Support computers (non-general fund departments or purchases with non-general funds).

Request the installation/update of specific software or re-image existing computer. Note: All data will be lost when a machine is re-imaged. Please backup your data before submitting a re-image request.

Use this form to request a new Google Share Drive or J:Drive, access to an existing "M: Drive (CSUMBINFO). Also use this form if you are having issues with file sharing or want to start a conversation with us regarding other options for file storage.

Staff and faculty can use this form to report an information security incident including data security breaches and other data security issues.

Questions about accepting credit card payments on campus, and annual attestation.

Place this service ticket for help installing a department multifunction printer/copiers or for assistance printing to a department printer.

Student, staff and faculty email address name change.

Campus Border and Datacenter Firewalls and Network Security

Request Administrative Access to your assigned computer.

Training and support for CSUMB studio

Tickets for User Experience (UX) review, User Interface (UI) design, and user testing and research.

Submit this ticket for all network connection requests (including wired and wireless) and for residence hall device registration.