Services A-Z (105)

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Accessibility for Instruction

Instructional materials accessibility services, training, and support. (Assistive Technology is now located under Additional Services.)

Accessible Technology Initiative (ATI)

Process and timeline for Accessible Technology Initiative and Annual Reports

Adobe Sign - Digital and Electronic Signature Issues

Request help with Adobe Sign access or to report usage issues.

Application Access or Security Issues

Requesting access or troubleshooting of existing access with numerous applications managed by Enterprise Application Services (EAS), Administration Systems Management (ASM) and Student Information Systems (SIS), including: Point of Sale, Housing, CMS applications, CMS Data Center & CMS database access (CFS, OASIS & Employee Resources)​​​​​​​ & OnBase Security Group provisioning.

Application System Administration

Typically involves: Clones, Applying Maintenance Packs, Patches, Application Backup/Recovery, Database and Application Performance Issues, etc.

Assistive Technology Installation

Specialized hardware and software requested by Student Disability Resources and University Personnel for individuals requiring assistive technology products.

Assistive Technology Training/Consultation

Training requested by Student Disability Resources and University Personnel for individuals requiring assistive technology products.

Audio/Video Production Equipment Repair

Installation and repair and evaluation of audio, video equipment and transmission systems.


Business Analyst Support Services (SIS)

Business Analyst Support Services provided by Student Information Systems (SIS) for various applications relating to student activities.


Cable Locating

Outside Plant Cable locating

Cable TV

Cable TV Service is available in the Campus Rez Halls, public areas and East Campus housing.

Call Center

Call Center Services (e.g. Campus Services Center and IT Help Desk)

Campus Affiliates (POI)

Campus accounts are established based on the specific function of the Campus Affiliate (POI) including temporary employees, guests and volunteers.

Campus Partner Network Services

Provides an internet connection and other network transport services across CSUMB's physical cable plant for Campus vendors and partners.

Captioning for Live Events

Captioning for live events (rather than post-production captioning).

Certificate Request

Request a Certificate (SSL or Domain)

CFS Data Warehouse

For information about the Common Finance System (CFS), please refer to the ASM website:

Classroom Technology Support

Classroom and conference room AV maintenance and repair including projectors, audio and smart boards (if applicable).

Computer and Software Quotes

Request quotes for non-standard computers or specialized software.

Computer Orders (Corporation, Grant or Self-Supported Only)

Process to order University Corporation, Grant and Self-Support computers (non-general fund departments or purchases with non-general funds).

Computer Pickup or Drop-off

Computer that needs to be picked up or dropped off and recycled.

Computer Replacement Program

The Computer Replacement Program is for State funded staff and faculty, instructional space, shared computers and student assistants.

Course Rollover

iLearn course rollover/import and META course creation

CSUMB Data Warehouse Access

Request new or changed system access or report access issues in the CSUMB Data Warehouse (formerly the Student Data Warehouse).

CSUMB Data Warehouse Problem

Report a problem with system availability or data quality.

CSUMB Studio

Training and support for CSUMB studio

CSUMB Warehouse Development Request

Request creation of or changes to analyses or dashboards for the CSUMB Data Warehouse (formerly the Student Data Warehouse).



Data Interface

New interface development or retrofit to existing interface. This is customized development for data to and from third party applications based on user requirements to be gathered.


Delegated Email Accounts

Delegated (shared), Student Club and Affiliate email accounts and email account delegation.

Department printers and copiers

Printers and copiers located in campus departments.

DHCP - New / Changes

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) entries in CSUMB's Network enablement systems.

Digital Signs

Digital sign content and account creation

DNS - New / Changes

Domain Naming Service (DNS) entries in CSUMB's Network enablement systems


East Campus Internet Cable Modem Service

CSUMB provides Broadband Internet Access via Cable Modems for all East Campus residents. IT Form is open to East Campus residents.

eCommerce - Online Store Requests (University Tickets)

Request new store, events or access using the eCommerce online store (University Tickets).

eCommerce - Point of Sale (QuadPoint)

Request equipment rental to accept credit card payments, new items to be offered for sale, and new user access using QuadPoint.

Elevated Employee Access

Obtain elevated access to applications beyond what is provided when hired by the University or accepted as a student to the University.

Email Address Name Change

Student, staff and faculty email address name change.

Email, Calendar and Docs (Google Workspace) Accounts & Services

Email, Calendar and Docs (Google Workspace) Accounts & Services for Students, Faculty and Staff

Employee Onboarding Access

Identify technology that is automatically provided for new employees and new student employees. Service also offers links to services typically needed by new and existing employees who find that they need additional services.

Event Pre-flight and General Training

Event pre-flight support and general training requests

Events & Conferences Accounts

Request temporary accounts for events and conferences on campus.


Fax (Facsimile)

FAX Services include ordering a new FAX machine or Multi-Function Printer (printer, copier, scanner, fax), changes to existing FAX lines or disconnecting FAX lines.

File Sharing

Managers request access on behalf of their employee to folders on the "M:\" Drive, CSUMBINFO

Firewalls and Security

Campus Border and Datacenter Firewalls and Network Security

Free and discounted software

Software titles and services that are available for free or at a discount for installation on your personal computer or a CSUMB computer without a software loadset. Includes Adobe, Microsoft, Sophos and more.


Hardware (Lost/Stolen)

Report hardware that has been lost or stolen.

Hardware Problem

Hardware that is experiencing issues (e.g. won't turn on, physically broken items like mice or keyboards, monitor problems, etc.)


Enjoy instant and unlimited access to every episode of every season of the best HBO shows, movies, comedy, sports, and documentaries.


IAR Online Data Access Request

Request access to IAR’s restricted-access reports, such as Student Comments in the Qualitative Survey Reporting Tool (QSRT).

Instructional Design Consultation

Instructional design consulting and tools for teaching with technology

IT Contract Approval

Campus Departments submit this form for IT approval of all contracts or service agreements that involve Information Technology resources. The Procurement Office requires IT approval prior to finalizing any IT related service agreement or contract.

IT Project Requests

Submit proposed IT Projects Requests for prioritization and Cabinet approval.


Knowledge Base Topic/Resource Suggestion

Suggestions for Knowledge Base topics or resources from client users (primarily students and faculty).


Lab Printing and Print Credits

Printing in the labs on campus (location of printers)

Lab Software Review

Requests for software to be installed in specific labs at prior to the beginning of a semester (Fall/Spring).

Local Administrative Access

Request Administrative Access to your assigned computer.

LTI Integration for Learning Management System

Learning Management System LTI or plugin request



All new modification requests or change requests for existing modifications.


Network Connections

This service provides the installation of communication cabling for campus voice, data, and video networks. This would include the installation of new cabling, locating existing installed cabling for construction purporse or the relocation of existing installed cable.

Network Design & Construction Support

This service provides the design and planning of communication cabling for campus voice, data and video networks. Network Design & Construction Support can be provided for large and small scope projects. Network Design & Construction Support is typically utilized when an outside contractor will be facilitating the installation instead of Network Services providing installation.

New Departmental Access

New administrative access request for college, department, and program administrators/staff coordinators

New Employee IT Requests

New employee checklist for IT needs (e.g. telephone, delegated email accounts, etc.). Use the Hardware > Pickup/Moves Form for employee moves.

New Hardware (Non-Computer) Pickup or Installation

Submit an IT Ticket if you have new non-computer hardware that needs to be installed on your workstation.

New Server Request

Request a new Server or System in the CSUMB Datacenter


OAS Change Request - batchoas Data Flows

This service is for SME staff (IAR, Enrollment, SIS, Admissions, Records, etc.) to request changes to the OAS Community Data Flows stored in the shared batchoas application folder.

Office Move

FOR USE BY SPACE PLANNING STAFF ONLY for all office moves, including moving of computers, telephones, printers and/or faxes.

Out of Compliance Computer

Computer is out of compliance and needs updating.


PCI Equipment or System Review

Questions about accepting credit card payments on campus, and annual attestation.

Philo Live & On-Demand Streaming TV

Philo is the CSUMB IPTV platform.

Planning and Installation

AV planning and installation services

Post Production Captioning

Post-production captioning, cost, and billing

Problem/Troubleshooting - Accounts

Issues and general questions about CSUMB accounts.


Quality Assurance

Training/certification programs for teaching online, hybrid, and flipped modalities


Raw Data Request

Requests for raw data

Remote Lab Access

CSUMB students can access Windows lab computers via a remote desktop connection.

Remote Wireless Connectivity

This service extends network connectivity with license free point to point links where cabled uplinks are not available or not practical. These can be temporary (i.e., special event, short term needs) or permanent (i.e., wireless is the only solution) and extend links both within and off campus.

Report Campus Wired Network Problem

Report wired network trouble with existing connections or devices (for Main Campus only).

Report Development / Modification

Request a new report (or a modification to an existing report) in Business Reporting (OAS).

Request Use of Electronic or Digital Signature

Use of electronic or digital signatures must be approved by the Digital Signature Review Group prior to use.

Research Computing Assessment

Review of computing environment for proposed faculty research using sensitive data.

Residence Hall Device Registration

This service provides students with the ability to register their laptop, desktop, smart phones, game console, smart TV's and other audio/video devices.


Security Awareness Annual Campaign

Security Awareness Annual Campaign - Tasks (Internal IT use only)

Security Awareness Training

Request assistance with completing required Security Awareness training using SumTotal.

Security Incident Event Management

Report Security Incidents (e.g. phishing, inappropriate use of confidential information)

Server Technical Support

Request Server Support, Troubleshooting, VM Snapshots and Server Backup / Recovery services.


Enterprise Application Services Setup/Configuration typically involves: CMS jobs, message catalog entries, OnBase/Hyperion Client Installs, Hardware Configuration, System Configuration/Installation, etc.

Software Install/Update

Request the installation/update of specific software packages or re-image existing computer.
NOTE: All data will be lost when a machine is re-imaged. Please backup your data before submitting a re-image request.

Software Problem

Problems with any software program including operating systems.

Software Telephone

Use your CSUMB computer to make and receive calls.

Software Virus

Virus issues

Spirion - Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Spirion is a self-service, data loss prevention (DLP) tool available to staff and faculty.

SSO Setup / Troubleshooting

New Single Sign On (SSO) Setup and Troubleshooting

Streaming and Broadcast Services

Live Streaming of Otter Athletics and other campus special events.

Student Accounts

Account Access for CSUMB Students (Matriculated, Continuing Education, Graduate), Student Applicants and Student Assistants

SumTotal - Online Employee Training

Issues with SumTotal online eLearning access.

System Problem

Report application production issues that impacts use of service and/or halts business operations.  Examples: Service is down, existing process not working; data issues, door/access problems.


Technical Analysis/Consultation

Technical review/system analysis on the feasibility and suitability of a customization to existing service or application or implementation of new service or application.


Request a service relating to telephones (new, changes, trouble and disconnect).


Vendor and Specialized VPN Profile Requests

Provides Virtual Private Network (VPN) access for vendors and other entities, or VPN access to specialized network services for CSUMB staff or faculty.


Request modification of an existing visualization or dashboard in the CSUMB Data Warehouse or other report for which modification is required (e.g., Enrollment (Census) Dashboard > Multilevel Crosstab Table), or request creation of a new visualization or dashboard.


Requests for password reset, name changes, voice trees and other voicemail relates issues.

VPN Access & Troubleshooting

CSUMB provides CSUMB staff and faculty with Virtual Private Network (VPN) access to CSUMB network resources from off-campus.


Website Support


Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)

CSUMB's Wireless Networking Services